Stone Dead in the Desert Rock.
From the Alps.


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The Band

KHON has its roots in the early 90’s grunge, desert and stoner rock as well as the 70’s early heavy metal and plays Heavy Rock with melodious vocals and psychedelic influences.

KHON was founded 2013 by Jan Graber and Nina Vetterli (69 Chambers). Renowned bass player Géza Burghardt and drum wizard Andy Rohr joined end of 2014 to complete the band. In 2015 the group’s final formation was found with Marcus Oberholzer as lead vocalist after Nina decided to return to her own band 69 Chambers. 2019 João Ledermann joined KHON to take over the role of the lead singer.

Vocals: João Ledermann
Guitar: Jan Graber
Bass: Géza Burghardt
Drums: Andy Rohr


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